Hey there,

This is Vipul Jha from New Delhi, India. I am the Co-founder of Hexoncode. I work on Apps, Kernels, ROMs, & Scripts.

My Resume


Covid-19 Status App

COVID-19 Status is a free, open-source Android application that shows the current state of COVID-19 in India and the world. It has a beautiful, simple, and fast UI.

  • Java
  • XML
  • Firebase
  • Rest API

Portfolio Website

This is my personal portfolio website that has all my work and project experience, including my resume. It was my main portfolio before.

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Bootstrap
  • JQuery

ABS Tweaks

ABS Tweaks or Arkaynine Boost Script is a collection of shell scripts written with the aim of enhancing the performance and battery life of an Android phone.

  • Shell
  • Busybox

ElectraBlue Kernel

ElectraBlue is a flash & forget custom kernel for supported Android devices. It was developed with the aim to provide a stable, fluid, & efficient experience.

  • Linux
  • C
  • Makefile
  • Bash

Lenovo SNAPit

Lenovo SNAPit Camera was one of the finest OEM camera apps back in those days. It had tonnes of features. I ported it to work on almost all devices at that time.

  • Java
  • Libs
  • Smali

CyanogenOS Apps

CyanogenOS 12.1 had a set of exclusive apps like a new theme engine and a new dialer. I ported it to work with CyanogenMod 13 and CM 13 based ROMs.

  • Java
  • Libs


I've worked with multiple technologies as a developer to create my projects.

  • Android

    Experience with Android Apps, ROMs & Kernels
  • Flutter

    Experience with Flutter apps & dart
  • Java

    Experience with developing apps
  • Scripting

    Experience with writing shell scripts
  • Firebase

    Experience in firebase with auth and database
  • Git

    Experience with git commands and features

My Journey

In my journey to date, I have learned a great deal about development and life in general.

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